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Stitch Me Up was started in 2011 by

Nicola "stitch" Clarke


The Clarke family had been playing the sport of "Airsoft" for a number of years, and after being a part of various teams over that time they had experienced how frustratingly difficult it was to get custom patches made.

After putting out many enquiries to various places, most of which did not even respond, there always seemed to be an obstacle in the way. Minimum orders, digitising costs, extra charge for backing and sometimes extra charge for just having a higher quality !

The other option was to source them abroad..mainly China. However most of the above problems were also present, added to which were the amazingly long time to receive them and the fact that when they eventually came they were so poor quality, using very flimsy material and dyed thread that the colour came out in the rain.


So Stitch Me Up was born, with the first machine in place and Nicola's tireless work so began the process of learning how to make patches. The obstacles seemed insurmountable at times, with learning how to digitise, what thread worked and what didnt, what backing, fabric, stabiliser etc...the list was endless. However after a year of trial and error and many late nights it all started to fall into place.

By 2013 Stitch me up's popularity was growing through social media. They were making it easier for people to get what they actually wanted...custom patches ! And as the business grew, new industrial machines were added. Aaron Clarke became the first family member to work full time for Stitch and the business was able to add clothing to the growing portfolio. Soon personalised t-shirts, hoodies and Softshell Jackets were in demand as well as patches.


In mid 2014 Stitch was so big that Simon Clarke gave up his full time Managerial Role in Sales and Marketing , to Join Nicola and Aaron to make it a true family business, and from then on they have pushed forward in trying to make Stitch Me Up one of the leaders in its field. With new techniques being developed such as thermal image patches, more high tech machinery and the right attitude of giving its customers what they want, at the right price and within a good timeframe Stitch Me up are well on the way to achieving that goal.

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